Saturday, December 1, 2012

Multi-Tasking... or Not

Been working, schooling, filming like crazy. Blogging got pushed down on the list. However, one of my homework assignments recently was to read/respond to Darren Aronofsky's journals from the making of Pi. Super interesting stuff, and really made me wish I had devoted more time to just sitting down and documenting the experience of directing my first film.
I've produced 4 other short films, and did props/wardrobe on another one, but there's still something a little different about seeing something you've written come to life.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Nights in Film

Oh Friday, by the time you arrive, I never know what to do with you.  Sometimes I'm tired enough by the end of the week I just need to crash and end up in bed by 10pm (which is early for me). Sometimes, if I don't work the next day, I even treat myself to a night out with friends, which has ended up with both good and bad results. hah  No details necessary. Other times, like last night, I leave work in the evening, hit the grocery store, which was ridiculously busy for some reason, and the spend the next 5-6 hours glued to my computer to work on editing an animation project I have due on Monday. Did I mention I've already spent a good 5-6 hours on this thing?

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Sometimes one of the hardest things as an adult, juggling any sort of personal endeavours as we all do, is finding the balance between work and life - it even has its own wikipedia page, it's that important (only partial sarcasm). Work becomes our life, and sometimes doesn't feel like it because we think it's enjoyable, or at least supposed to be.

It's a difficult struggle especially for working students, and for people in film and other artistic/creative industries. There's lots of stress and prep involved before shooting and shooting days can often be 12-14 hrs long, and then there's post production that follows. Stay tuned for details on all that good stuff.

I also came across this blog post asking why do we let creative pursuits take over our lives? I think because despite it all, it's still fun. Because we want to. Because we need to. Because sometimes we forget there are other things in life besides our work and passion.

I bring this up because this will frame what you'll often see in this blog - my struggle between work, life and balance.  I'm pretty stubborn about it, and I can't help it. I'm a Libra, so it's what I do. I don't like too much work, but I also don't like too much non-work. I can't be consistently busy, but I can't be consistently bored either, or I'll go crazy either way. I know many people can relate.

That said, I'm writing this while I'm at work and things are slow. Don't tell my boss. ;) I work 9:30-4 then rush to school for class from 5-10, so when else is there? That's my balance decision for today.

Also, for anyone keeping track, my plan last night to get more sleep backfired, as I somehow woke up this morning more exhausted than most days. This great article on Huffington Post talks further about sleep, or no sleep in Hollywood. It's kind of an issue.

There's just not enough coffee.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's Discuss Sleep

Or lack thereof.
Tonight I told myself I'd go to bed early. Tonight I said will take the night off because I've been stressed and working hard and constantly lately. Tonight I will allow myself to return to those summer time things that I enjoyed, like lounging on my couch, netflix, working out, Wild Vines, and not worrying about how many things I had to do. Well, I partially succeeded. Instead I decided to start this blog. But not before at least enjoying Sherlock s2 ep1. TY Netflix.
That said. I'm still craving the sleep thing....So I think I might cut this short.

This. Short.

No really.
One of the things a person like you, or me, or anyone juggling work, and school, and film making, and occasional interning needs to figure out is when to sleep.
That time is now. This is my life.

You guys go read this while I sleep.